At Advance 360 Health, we combine the local expertise, audience loyalty and trusted content of our news brands with deep proficiency in health care marketing to deliver inspiring, data-driven programs for our clients.

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Our media groups are the #1 provider of local news in their markets, representing 12 of the top 20 DMAs, and attracting 50 million visitors nationally each month.

Did you know that most primary health care activities take place less than 10 miles from home? The Advance Local audience manages various health conditions that often require a...

pharmacy or urgent care visit

Acid Reflux/GERD:
137 Index

Dentist appointment

Dental Care:
154 Index

Procedure or Physical Therapy

Orthopedics: 150 Index
Arthritis: 126 Index

Prescription medication

Asthma: 126 Index
HIV: 158 Index

Lifestyle adjustment

196 Index

* comScore Plan Metrix 10/18 and 2010 Thomson Reuters

Our health practice is a center-of-excellence for campaign success, connecting expertise and assets across Advance’s portfolio, with deep health care marketing proficiency. 


Health care Data

Target audiences using a variety of HIPAA compliant health data attributes, to get your message to the right people, at the right time.

Patient education

Advance 360 Health can deploy our roster of journalists, content marketers, designers & tech partners to deliver custom executions that inspire brand interest and move users to take action.

Ongoing Engagement

The journey to better health is ongoing.  Our relationship with audiences across platforms allows us to reach your target at discovery, pre-appointment, moment of care, pharmacy or during rehabilitation.


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