Health is Local

A360 Health provides marketing services from the point of view that health is local. Managing a health condition is often framed in terms of how we live, but health care decisions are deeply rooted in where we live.

Owned by Advance Local, our journalism is embedded in communities across the country. As part of the Advance portfolio, our exclusive access to data, media and technology offers life science marketers a distinctly “local” way to engage patients, caregivers and providers.

Most of us consider health a high priority, but we need reminders to take action as we go about our daily routine.

News & Lifestyle

Only 7% of Google’s daily searches are health-related.* Meanwhile, a report on recent changes in media behavior showed 67% of people are consuming more news. Increased news consumption was the top ranked activity across every generation polled, from baby boomers to Gen Z.**

Patients, caregivers and providers spend way more time on the consumer internet, than they do with the endemic health web.  That’s why we curated a brand-safe 330+ site list including owned & operated domains, corporate siblings and competitors.

* David Feinberg, MD (Google Health)

** Global Web Index (Mar 2020) 

Precision Targeting

A360 Health licenses comprehensive data on hospitals, physicians, and other health providers. We use de-identified medical claims to index the local rate of diagnosis, procedure and prescription, pinpointing high density communities for your media plan.

Within these geo-indexed markets, A360 Health overlays propensity models from trusted partners like IQVIA, Crossix and other top data providers to ensure precision reach. Media plans are scaled with precision frequency, to heavy-up in the highest value markets.

A360 Outstream

Capture the attention of your target audience with our innovative and simple video player.  A360 Outstream automatically adjusts to maximum dimensions in any high impact banner position on the page.

Life science videos often have length requirements that surpass standard :30 or :60 second formats. Our player has no limit on video length, and a picture-in-picture player that remains on screen even as the user scrolls down the page.

Brands can combine precision targeting with portable content to engage with health audiences at any time

Health Aware

Proprietary ad technology allows brands to educate users on the local health condition prevalence or display a list of local health care providers.

Data Maps

Educate your target audience with interactive population health tools, alongside disease awareness or reminder advertising. Our rich media units use maps, meters and other visuals to make health data journalism both personal and actionable.


Local Providers

Display relevant specialists, to your target audience based on proximity. Facilitate discussion with health care providers who specialize in your brand’s therapeutic area, alongside awareness or reminder advertising.


A360 Takeover

Turn any article page into a condition learning center, whenever your target audience arrives on site. Dynamically frame articles with interactive media like video, data maps, local providers, and display banners. Unlike other custom programs, this high-impact format is completely scalable, as it brings an experience to the user – instead of waiting for them to browse endemic content.

Video – high impact player with no limits on length, featuring picture-in-picture capability

Data Map – uses public domain health statistics to display regional condition prevalence

Local Providers – encourage users to speak with a specialist, including click to call function

Display – wrap the experience with your call to action, and drive visits to

Advance Aware 360

Advance Aware 360 microsites provide deep, localized health information on conditions like asthma, migraine or lung cancer. We take data sets from government, non-profit or academic sources and visualize them in a narrative format, specific to 3000+ counties in the U.S. Compare your local health factors to the state or nation and learn why health is local.

Environment • Access-to-Care  

• Demographic • Legislation

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